Bengal Cat Portrait

Bengal cat portrait. A4 pastel on pastelmat
Bengal cat. A4 pastel on pastelmat.

Bengal cats have such beautiful coats! I’ve done a couple of watercolour paintings of Bengal cats in the past but this is the first time I’ve ever painted one using pastel. I found that using pastel really helped to capture the vivid contrasts in the markings and the softness of the cat’s fur. I hope it won’t be the last Bengal cat painting I ever do!

Cat portrait- “Lola”

I have just completed a pastel portrait of this beautiful cat with striking markings and vivid olive eyes. I had the pleasure of meeting her to take reference photos and she had a lovely, sweet nature and sat very patiently whilst I clicked away interminably with my camera! Her name is Lola.

“Lola the Cat” A4 pastel on pastelmat