About the Artist

Are you looking for a pet portrait painting? Lesley-Anne Weir specialises in animal portraits in pastel and can provide portraits based on photos you send or which she can take herself. You can see some examples of her work by going to Galleries 

A Bit of Background

Lesley-Anne lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and works from a studio in her home. She has loved drawing and painting since early childhood but her love of art took a backseat for a while when she went to university to study law. She practiced law for around fifteen years before giving up work to raise a family. Her love of art, however, never left her and she decided to pursue her interest more seriously by taking art courses with noted English animal portrait artist, Mary Herbert. Mary introduced Lesley-Anne to pastel, a medium she immediately fell in love with and which she has used ever since to produce realistic animal portraits with the vibrancy of colour and richness of detail which pastel can bring.

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